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SHAMANIX JOURNEY REBOOT by Saúl GarcÍa López of La Pocha Nostra | Le Groupe Herencias

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© La Pocha Nostra

Everything I vaguely believed to be true of society was questionned. Everything I know about me was confronted.

Erica Hirugami, Curator Love Publication

Solo, duet or large scale multi-sensory performance installations involving drama, spoken word, video projection, sound, and audience intervention. 500 + Macho Power and Xochipilli-corn Man 3.0 are only two parts of the journey!

Shamanix’ Process: (1) Artistically: An unsettled aesthetic intersecting theatre and improvisation, where the experimentation meets curation and highly stylized art. (2) Theoretically: Breaking down hierarchies and assumptions and not be complacent with privileges, and entitlement from generations past. (3) Pedagogically: A pedagogical DJ for communities of radical differences (4) Politically: Artivist queering crossing borders, expanding the limits of our existing territories and imagining Nuevas Fronteras. Fighting against the effects of the Trumpocalypse. (5) Community: For anyone that practices Radical listening and Radical tenderness. (6) Current aesthetic: Between ethnic and gender bending, 3 world cyborg, kitsch, hybrid, psychomagic, conceptual cannibalism and anti-colonial exorcisms.

500 + Macho Power: A provocative poetic action that refers to the mutilation of the body and its relationship with power and gender culminating in the offering of Macho tacos cut straight from the meat of a hyper masculine Latino persona.

Xochipilli-corn Man 3.0: A psychomagic ritual of conceptual cannibalism and performance exorcism against colonialism, food industry, ecology and the ongoing violence to indigenous peoples of our times.

Technical Details

World premiere – Ongoing uprisings in multiple dimensions across fronteras
Touring team – 1-3 shaministas, production director, video dj, technical director
Duration – 30-60 minutes… or endless
Type of public – Adults opened to radical tenderness and play
Staging – Spaces allowing for circulation
Technical requirements – Video projection (optional)

© La Pocha Nostra



“Everything I vaguely believed to be true of society was questioned, everything I know about me was confronted”.
Erica Hirugami, CuratorLove Publication

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Saúl García López is a performance artist, radical performance director, pedagogue, PhD candidate in Performance, and Co-Artistic Director of La Pocha Nostra. As a scholar and artist he explores the pedagogical intersections of acting and performance theory and practice, indigenous strategies of performance, ethnicity, gender, post-colonialism and indigeneity. His artistic work is body, text and multidisciplinary based and aims to dislocate/challenge assumptions of cultural representations by embodying simultaneous and contradictory identities and actions. García López trained as a contemporary dancer and actor, and as a psychologist at the National University in Mexico. He also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Directing at VCA, Melbourne University, Australia, and a Drama and Film Honors Degree at WITS University, South Africa. He has presented his work (as performer artist, pedagogue and radical director) in Europe and the Americas, Australia, Canada, Mexico, USA, UK, South Africa.  He is co-editor of the Almanac of Live Art, board member of the Toronto Free Gallery, and teacher at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto.

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