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News & Events

Julio Hong to perform at the Not Just Dance Symposium

Julio Hong will present a dance intervention on rhythm, spirituality, and ancestry during the Not Just Dance Symposium this coming December 14, from 11 AM till 12 PM, at the MAI.  Founder of Compagnie Danse Nyata-Nyata and creator of the symposium, Zab Maboungou, will...

Meet Farah Fancy and Lisa Ndejuru at Cinars Biennale 2018

Farah is one of My First Biennale participant this year. Come meet her at booth #229 and discover this passionate cultural worker who is both a consultant and co-founder  of Le Groupe Herencias. Lisa, also a member of Herencias, will give a conference on the subject...

Mission & Philosophy

Herencias uses the arts to inspire to create more inclusive societies through the promotion, exchange and acceptance of identity, culture and heritage. 

We deconstruct common notions of who we are and who we are expected to be. We have fun while creating thought-provoking, public-engaged projects and powerful performances.

We value innovation, inclusion across discipline, gender, ability, and generation. We also value respect for identity, culture, heritage and collaboration in artistic practice.

 Our scope of action comprises:

PROGRAMMING: To offer opportunities for institutions, communities and individuals to foster greater understanding through artistic productions and community engagement.
COLLABORATION: To collaborate with professional and non-professional artists as well as the community at large to create horizontal dialogue, artistic bridging and active participation for reciprocal exchange.
COMMUNITY OUTREACH: To promote well-being, inclusion and equity in society through the arts.
CREATION: To find new ways of creating professional art based on diverse artistic practices and perspectives.
ARTIST CONNECTIONS: To act as a mentor, liaison and cultural connector for artists. Services include: capacity building, market access and touring, administration, management and production.
EDUCATION and TRAINING: To promote and provide arts-based teaching and learning.
PARTNERSHIPS: To network and partner with other institutions, organizations and groups.
RESEARCH: To investigate practices, challenges and conditions for how art creates social change.
CONSULTATION: To provide creative tools and expertise in artistic practice, assessment, marketing, design, and facilitation in the arts, and evaluation of change agendas.
In practice, the categories listed above can overlap.


Our Team

Farah Fancy co-founded Le Groupe Herencias. She is an artist, artist doula, manager, producer, community worker and consultant who, for over 25 years, has been using the arts as a mechanism to teach about equality, rights, personal histories, self actualization and community bridging through ethnographic creations and projects. She is rooted in working with cross cultural populations to engage in arts practices with a diversity of communities across class, ethnicity, ability, gender, and generation to overcome emotional and cultural barriers. As a consultant, Farah also works with organizations and institutions to show how art can be a tool to resolve structural problems within organizations, foster economic development, and facilitate cultural understanding.

Julio Hong was born in Havana where he absorbed the rich dance traditions of Cuba earning a Diploma in Classical Ballet from the National School of Arts (ENA) and in 1994, a Masters degree in Dramaturgy and Theatre from the Superior Institution of Art (ISA). In 1999, Julio joined Compagnie Marie Chouinard, where he danced for 6 years, followed by a year with RUBBERBANDance, 4 years with the popular television show Le Match des Étoiles, and performed in Joe Dassin, Sherazade, Motown and regularly with Cirque du Soleil. Julio then founded the Afro Cuban Association of Montreal and cofounded Le Groupe Herencias. His choreographic style is a fusion of contemporary dance, traditional dance, ballet technique, movements from daily life, and ritual. YemayoOrun SekoThe Aristocrat and Cervantes are only a few of his recent creations.

Lisa Ndejuru received her master’s degree in clinical counseling from Université de Sherbrooke, and is certified in Moreno psychodrama, community mediation and third party neutral conflict resolution facilitation. She is a transdisciplinary PhD candidate at Concordia University, and a skilled practitioner of playback theatre. Lisa co-founded the Montreal-based Living Histories Ensemble. Born in Rwanda, she has served the Rwandan diaspora in North America for more than 20 years as an organizer, researcher and activist. Her extensive experimentation with storytelling, play and improvised theatre aims for individual and collective meaning-making and empowerment in the aftermath of large-scale political violence.